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Wing Chun Kuen Instructor Training Course

This training course is organized by The Spare Time Study Centre and Yip Man Martial Art Association.

Objectives of Wing Chun Kuen Instructor Training Course are: (1) Teach learners necessary knowledge that instructors should have; (2) Teach learners traditional and correct Wing Chun Kuen, in order to promote and deepen this excellent and orthodox Chinese culture, as well as bring it to a right path. Yip Man Martial Art Association emphasizes natural reaction skills, ignores empty theories and pithy formulas. This course stresses and deepens on Wing Chun Kuen skills training.

This is a 12-month course and includes both of lessons and practice sections. Our Association will provide 1 lesson and 3 practice sections every week. Learners without any experience are recommended to attend at least 2 lessons every week.

Certificates: Learners who complete the course successfully and pass related exams, can apply for certificates issued by Yip Man Martial Art Association and Chinese Kung-Fu International School.

Lesson time: Every Sunday 11:00am-1:00pm

Practice section time: Every Tuesday, Thursday 7:00pm-9:00pm Every Saturday 2:00pm-4:00pm

Place: Learners will be informed to take the course in one of the following sites before start date:
1. Unit A,B,C,D, 17/F, Mirador Mansion, 58 Nathan Road, T.S.T.

Start Date: 5th January 2014

Fee: HKD$20,000 for the whole course

There will be 99 lessons in the whole course, 2 hours each.

Hong Kong Tourism Board promotes tourism, and introduces excellent Chinese martial art Wing Chun culture. Our "Wing Chun" Kung Fu Experience Tour will visit Sifu Sam Lau, who is the first generation disciple appointed by Grandmaster Yip Man personally and his assistant instructor; experience features and advantages of Wing Chun Kuen; go sightseeing at Hong Kong Heritage Museum for the thematic exhibition of Bruce Lee: Kung Fu • Art • Life and Avenue of Star; enjoy Chinese dim sum and explore for more.

For a good Wing Chun instructor, qualification, skill, experience and seniority are everything. All learners have to focus on these in order not to waste time and money.

Personally instructed by:
Sifu Sam Lau
First Generation Disciple & Assistant Instructor of Yip Man
Chairman of Yip Man Martial Art Association
Chairman of World Wing Chun Kuen Do Association
Vice Chairman of Chinese Dragon & Lion Dance Sports Association
Member of Traditional Wushu Committee of China (former)
Vice Chairman of Shenzhen Wushu Association
Honorary President of Great Chinese Martial Artists


'Bai Fu Picture' comes from the ancient China. Every 'fu' character (which means 'luck' and 'fortune') inside the picture has its own writing style. Some of them are clear and easy to recognize while others are hard to image as the 'fu' character if theyare looked separately. As people's thoughts are advancing toward, only simple and clear characters are still accepted and circulated; so as Wing Chun Kuen. There have been different kinds Wing Chun Kuen from different places since it was found and spread until now, for example Fujian Wing Chun, snake and crane Wing Chun, Red Boat Wing Chun, snake style Yong Chun, snake style Wing Chun, Pian Shen Wing Chun, Pao Hua Lian Wing Chun, Yip Man Wing Chun, Gulao Wing Chun, Guangzhou Wing Chun and Foshan Wing Chun, etc. Among these various Wing Chun, Yip Man Wing Chun is the simplest and the most practical and popular. Over 90% of them belong to Yip Man Wing Chun.

 There are ●● Wing Chun, ●● Wing Chun, ●● Wing Chun, ●●● Wing Chun, ●●● Wing Chun, etc, among Yip Man Wing Chun. Some learners have just learnt for a few months claim themselves Yip Man Wing Chun; some learners have just learnt a little bit and added other outside skills also claim themselves Yip Man Wing Chun; some learners even have never attend a lesson, self-learn from films and claim themselves Yip Man Wing Chun masters. This is why laymen learn orthodox Wing Chun so difficultly.

Orthodox Wing Chun makes use of Wing Chun concept and deepens the force and skills, rather than adds other martial elements. It is more difficult to learn orthodox Wing Chun all over the world because many coaches are lack of Wing Chun skills. They can only attract students by adding other factions’ skills or creating something new. Therefore, finding an orthodox Wing Chun instructor is a kind of knowledge.

Wing Chun Kung Fu

Wing Chun Kuen was found in China and developed in Hong Kong. Yip Man came to Hong Kong and taught Wing Chun Kuen in 1950s'. It was spread to Europe and America around 1960-70s' and was popular among foreigners. Wushu was suppressed in the Mainland during the Cultural Revolution and such prohibition was lifted until 1983, so Hong Kong became a platform for different kinds of martial arts to promote globally.

Nowadays, there are nearly a hundred factions of Wing Chun which includes the Yip Man Wing Chun Kuen system; and there are over a hundred factions inside the Yip's system. Yip Man had almost a thousand of disciples, but only few of them were taught essence of this grandmaster. Some learners have learnt and practiced for 10, 20 years while some learners have just learnt for half of a year or less then few months, what they teach are called 'Yip Man Wing Chun'. Their students or disciples become instructors as well, and they are also teaching 'Yip Man Wing Chun'. Some learners do not have enough qualification and good technique. They create new skills from what they have absorbed from books, Youtube films then teach others, and they call these 'Yip Man Wing Chun' either. People who are interested in learning Wing Chun should check the background and qualification of instructors, for example who the instructor followed, how long he learnt for, and how much skill he has. In fact, the clearest way to identify is checking for their successes, short films and video records via the Internet. See how they react Chi Sau and whether it is smooth enough, and whether the opponent fights back during the process. Nowadays, most of Wing Chun instructors are in various levels and styles; these make fresh learners hard to get used to the learning processes. This is the reason Yip Man Martial Art Association bears the responsibility to teach all people the orthodox Wing Chun Kuen. Instructors who write books or broadcast a lot of videos and gain plenty of "likes" or praises do not mean qualified instructors. Books can be copied from others, or written by empty knowledge without any practical experiences. Comments from the Internet may not be true enough because such comments are not proved. Learners have to identify very carefully to prevent being misled.

We cooperate with Hong Kong Tourism Board and arrange the "Wing Chun" Kung Fu Experience Tour, aim to give correct knowledge to intended learners and let them experience the spirit of Yip Man, understand the legend of Bruce Lee, visit Master Sam Lau who is the disciple appointed personally by the Grandmaster Yip Man and Yip's assistant instructor, learn some basic skills and features of Wing Chun, and explore more about the Grandmaster.

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