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Founding Members (partial)

Establishment of Constitution

Target and Structure of the Association

Ip Man Grandmaster, in accordance with the provisions of Martial Club Regulations of Hong Kong Government, established the Yip Man Martial Art Association together with his disciples in 1970, with an aim to unite co-disciples, promote Wing Chun Kuen and carry forward the traditional Kung Fu culture.

The association founding members include Ip Man Grandmaster, Ip Ching, Ip Chun, Chan Wai Hong, Ho Kai Luen, Lau Han Lam, Lau Kung Shing, Lam Kai Yim.

The association is located in Room F4, 3/F, Mirador Mansion, No 58, Nathan Road, and in Unit A, 5/F, Alpha House, No 27, Peking Road of Tsimshatsui, Kowloon.

The Chairman of the association is Lau Kung Shing, Chan Shiu Lung being the Vice-chairman, and the directors are Ip Ching, Ip Chun, Chan Wai Hong, Tam Lai, Ho Kai Luen, Man Yim Kong, Leung Ding Kwok.

The association is a non-profit organization. When necessary, learners may apply for the traffic allowance or exemption from fees.

New Year Banquet of the Yip Man Martial Art Association

Chairman of the Chinese Wushu Association - Wong Shiu Luen (center) visiting Yip Man Martial Art Association and taking this photo with Leung Ting Kwok, Chan Wai Hong, Ip Chun, chariman Lau Kung Shing, Lee Wai Chi, Yeung Wing (from left).

Lau Kung Shing (No 3 from left on the front row), chairman of our association, is appointed to be a commissioner of the Chinese Wushu Association.

The head of the National Wushu County and general director of Sports Administration taking a photo withrepresentatives of the traditional committee of the Chinese Wushu Association.
Lau Kung Shing (No 7 from right on the front row) chairman of this association.
(On April 21, 2007 in Huncheng Shandong)

Photo of the Second National Delegates Meeting of
the Chinese Dragon and Lion Dance Association
Lau Kung Shing (No 2 from left on the front row) - vice-chairman of this association

Orientation ahead

By adhering to Ip Man grandmaster’s principles and making friends through martial arts, the association aims to correct distorted Wing Chin Kuen and put Ip Man Kung Fu back on the right track with effective amendment and timely adjustment. Besides introducing real traditional Wing Chun Kuen to the mainland China and abroad, the association will assist the nation to unify and integrate Wing Chun Kuen of various styles worldwide, standardize it and help it develop systematically, balancing the impacts of foreign martial arts on China.

With reform and opening-up, China saw development of its economy and sports back on track. Martial arts will probably be chosen as a competition item in 2008 Olympics. For long-term targets, the association sets about establishing children’s Wing Chun Kung Fu Class, giving youngsters chances to learn Wing Chun Kuen in their childhood. Children with Wing Chun knowledge will be more devoted to its development and disseminate it to the world based on promotion in Hong Kong and mainland China. The association is to build Kung Fu schools, recruiting domestic and foreign students and training coaches.

Children Wing-Chun Kuen Do in England

Dispicles gathering in our Kung Fu school

Classroom at Mirador Mansion

Classroom at Alpha House

Different tools for Wing Chun drilling

Part of our practising area

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